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Mark McDermott (email)





Group Members

sunil_small.jpgSunil Rajput (email)

My name is Sunil Rajput and I am a PhD candidate in the McDermott Lab. I previously graduated with a BSc Specialization in Microbiology from the University of Alberta in 2001. In further pursuing my studies at the University of Alberta, I completed my MSc Specializing in Environmental Biology and Ecology (specifically Insect Pathology) in 2007. Since 2007, I have been employed by InnoTech Alberta (formerly Alberta Innovates Technology Futures) as a Research Scientist II within the Ecosystems and Plant Sciences Group.  In 2013, I expanded a research project that I started at InnoTech to my Alma Mater by connecting to the Department of Chemistry. Currently, my PhD research work focuses on characterization and biosensing applications of biogenic silver nanoparticles.


Kenny Xu (email)

Kenny graduated with a B.A. in Chemistry at John Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD in 2011. He is currently a PhD student, where his project is focused on nano-scale analysis and characterization of asphaltene films.




Ahmed Yousef Mahmoud (email)

Ahmed graduated with a BSc of Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2005 from The College of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Industrial Pharmacy (located at the Misr University for Science & Technology [MUST]) in Egypt. He is currently a PhD student with his project focused on multiplexed metabolite detection utilizing graphene/metal nanoparticles hybrid aptasensor and SERS.



Yong (Albert) Cao (email)





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Thuy Nguyen (email)

I am Thuy Nguyen and I am currently a PhD student in the McDermott Group. I come from Vietnam, and I received my BSc in Chemistry at Hanoi University of Science in 2014. My research is focused on electron beam evaporated carbon films and their applications as new substrates in Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR). When not in the lab, I like reading books, cooking, and travelling.



Nicole Jankovic (email)

My name is Nicole Jankovic and I am currently a PhD student in the McDermott Group. I was born and raised in Edmonton, received my BSc in Chemistry and Biological Sciences at the University of Alberta in 2016, and decided to continue my graduate studies also at the U of A! My research is focused on cellulose nanocrystals (CNCs), specifically, CNC surface modification and its applications in functional materials. When not in the lab, I play piano, play with my dogs, and am active with a variety of student groups on campus.

2015 Group photo.JPG

Casey Rusin (email)

My name is Casey Rusin and I am a PhD student in the McDermott group. I am from Edmonton and I received my BSc in Physical Sciences from MacEwan University in 2015. My research is focused on plasmonic biomaterials as a SERS substrate and I enjoy playing basketball, baseball and soccer in my spare time.


Amy Mao (email)

Amy graduated from the University of Jinan, where she received her BSc. in Analytical Chemistry.

Abdelhaq Benkaddour (email)

Abdelhaq finished his PhD in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières.

Past Group Members: Shereen Elbayomy, Rongbing Du, Greg Kaufman, Ibraheem A. Bushnak, Chongjun Pang, Lars Laurentius, Cong (Cici) Cao, Ajawmolla A. Kebede, John Toman,David Munoz-Paniagua, Michael Reid, Roya R. Lahiji, Abbas Rostami, Bushra Sajed, Vishal Kanda, Solomon Ssenyange, Beatrice Leveugle, Mirwais Aktary, Gregory Kiema, James Kariuki, Truong Ta, Michael Finot, Salome Guchu, Erin Brennand, Ryan Chowdhury, Michael Sykes, Jeff Dai, and Kristina Marvin.